Poland is a fascinating place to visit, despite the destruction during the second world war, still, this place is worth it and the best one to visit during vacations.

The magical old towns with their magical streets and beautiful architecture, the restaurants with their fantastic tastes, the beautiful mountains with their mind blowing sights, no doubt the whole country is a blend of wonderful things. The delicious cuisines of Poland and the Jewish heritage are some of the best tourist attractions there. 

If you are planning to visit this country then this article is going to be very helpful for you. In this guide, I have compiled a shortlist of some of the best places that you should visit in Poland.

So, let’s take a look at them.


Warsaw is a place that was completely destroyed during world war 2. All the unique and ancient things in the town were destroyed badly. Now, they are restored in order to maintain the glory of Warsaw. The town is a mixture of different architectural sites, ancient churches, fabulous museums and many modern tourist attractions that can be found among the drab grey concrete buildings of this area. 

There are many lovely parks in this area as well. You can explore the whole town and its diverse neighborhoods so that you can wander around.

This place is interesting to explore and you will enjoy it a lot there. In order to get a fantastic view of Warsaw, you should head towards the top of the domineering Palace of Culture and Science, where you can tower over the tiny buildings below.


Gdansk is a bit different from the other cities in Poland. This city is enriched with historical heritage and it has a unique look and identity. Because of a large sea port in Gdansk, there are many wealthy merchants here who trade. This amazing location was fought over by the Teutonic Prussia and Poland. 

There are a lot of architectural sites in Gdansk as well. 

Cobbled Street is a popular tourist attraction here, you will find the street with lined and delightful old churches, along with some elegant buildings.

This place is also famous because here, the Solidarity movement in Poland was started. If you are a sea lover then this place is ideal for you. The shipyards here are a must-visit spot. A boat trip across all of the port in Gdansk will help you to explore one of the finest views of the world. 

The Royal Palace

The Royal palace is a historical museum in Poland, it is located in Wroclaw. The museum highlights the historical traditions of Poland by displaying many interactive exhibitions. Such as the Wroclaw’s millennium. The baroque style garden of the Royal Palace and the Royal apartments of this Palace are really very beautiful which makes this place one of the most interesting ones in Poland.

So if you are planning to visit Poland, then you should visit this place for sure. 

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